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lactic acid bacteria


photosynthetic bacteria

Saion EM for Earthquake & Tsunami Daisaster Areas in Miyagi Prefecture

Sanko Sangyo provides cost effective multi-disciplinary professional services and consultancy in the field of agriculture, environment, health & other sciences. The catch phrase of our EM Technology is “sustainable society, based on co-existence and co-prosperity, quality information, safety, convenience, low cost and high quality”.
Sanko Sangyo is the mother company in Okinawa-Japan, which introduced and launched the research and the business of EM Technology 30 years ago. Prof. Teruo Higa of The Univesity of the Ryukyus, joined to develop EM Products in early 80’s. Since then, Sanko Sangyo is devoted and dedicated to produce safe and high quality EM products for its customers to contribute in protecting of human and environmental health.


a) Industrial solid wastes / sludge
b) Municipal wastes / garbage
c) Industrial effluent
d) Sewage sludge
e) Sewage water

a) Industrial odor / tannery odor
b) Sewage odor
c) Live-stock shed odor
d) Poultry farm odor
e) Indoor odor

a) Reclamation of saline-sodic lands
b) Reuse of saline ground water as irrigation water
c) Organic farming

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